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Clean Air Projects

Our Partners

A Community Advisory Board, composed of multiple stakeholders throughout Colorado, informs the directions and activities of the Center. The Community Advisory Board forms a bidirectional bridge between researchers, educators, community stakeholders, and residents to share thoughts, information and needs about environmental and lung health research. 

Our CAB members include:

  • Kyle Olson - Environmental Protection Agency Region 8
  • Mark Anderson, MD - Denver Health and Rocky Mountain Region Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit
  • Bridget Beatty, MPH – Coordinator of Health Strategies, Denver Public Schools
  • Ed Brotsky – Air Quality Specialist, Mesa County Department of Health
  • Julie Marshall, PhD – Professor, University of Colorado School of Public Health and Director, Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center
  • Steve McCannon, MPA - Program Manager, Regional Air Quality Council
  • John Streit - Lung Health Programs Manager, American Lung Association in Colorado
  • Lisa Devore - Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • Katie Navin - Director, Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education


The following community stakeholders were crucial to the development of this resource and website:

  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science
  • Morgridge Academy
  • Vanessa Thursby - Morrey Middle School
  • Cullen Hilsendager - Rocky Heights Middle School
  • Sue Carrington, M.A - Morgridge Academy
  • Jenna Carbonne - Good Shepherd Catholic School
  • Annette Humphrey - Good Shepherd Catholic School
  • Joe Barrett - Good Shepherd Catholic School
  • Dani Meyers - Colorado Academy
  • Dave Guillen -  Academic Advisor
  • Fran Cohen - Cottonwood Creek Elementary School



This publication was made possible by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) grant RD83451501 and National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) grant 1 PO1 ES018181.  Its contents are solely the responsibility of the grantee and do not necessarily represent the official views of the US EPA.  Further, the US EPA does not endorse the purchase of any commercial products or services mentioned in the publication.



Funding Opportunity

We currently do not have any funding opportunities available.