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Clean Air Projects

Clean Air Campaign: Six Infamous Air Pollutants

Grade: 5th Grade

Description: Students work in groups to research the six major air pollutants.  Through a mock press conference, students present information in creative ways. Have students "interview" each other and write an article from the interview.

5 Star Rating:

Likes: I like the freedom of choice this lesson gives students. I think that you can really get a good product when the students have the responsibility of coming up with how they want to present information.

Dislikes: The group size is too large, at least in my experience.  Some groups could have some pollutant but present information in very different wasy.

Helpful Hints: It might be helpful to have the media specialist gather books to use for research.

Missing Elements:  There is not much build in for students who struggle with writing and formatting/organizing their ideas.

Additional Comments: This lesson did a really nice job of assessing background knowledge to determine what a student knows about pollution.

5 Star Rating:

Likes: I think that the lesson used a variety of teaching techniques and engages students throughout.

Dislikes: It has many steps to follow.

Helpful Hints: N/A

Missing Elements: Providing reference material for students.

Additional Comments: May need to shorten directions to  make it easier to use.