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Clean Air Projects

Lesson Plan Packets

Air quality is connected to our health, environmental ecosystem, energy consumption, economy, and quality of life. For this reason it is essential to understand the interrelationships between our environment and impact on health.  The lesson plans selected for this website support educators to provide effective teaching by using an inquiry, investigative framework.  The use of an inquiry approach facilitates student learning of concepts and their interrelationships, problem identification and the posing of questions, gathering of information and data, and using critical thinking to identify solutions. 

These lesson plans were developed by organizations from around the country and use a variety of activities to address different topics related to air quality and health. Resources supporting the lesson plans are organized into lesson plan packets. Lesson plan packets include:


Selecting a Lesson Plan

There are several ways to select a lesson plan:

By grade:


By educational standards:


We encourage you to give us your feedback on the lesson plans.  We are eager to hear what you have to say about your successes with them the lesson plans and needed changes, and other resources you have come across to support your efforts to teach about the environment and human health.