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Clean Air Projects

Clean Air Campaign: Every Breath You Take

Grade: 7

Description: Students will learn about the parts and function of the respiratory system. Students make a working lung model then learn about how air pollution affects the respiratory system. Students will learn about populations that are at highest risk from pollution.

5 Star Rating:

Likes:  There are lab partners for student engagement.  The vocabulary words are labeled and identified.  I liked student research and modeling, and the connectedness and interrelatedness between the body systems.

Dislikes: I didn’t like the lack of specificity, specifically what are the “clips” (binder clips, paper clips, etc..) and what size balloons?

Helpful Hints: N/A

Missing Elements:  Show students pictures of diseased lungs and healthy lungs.  I would go over the vocabulary words and how they are used and labeled in their model through small group rotating stations.


Additional Comments: Yes, I would definitely use this lesson in my classroom.  Having student models for further explanation, learning and extension brings students to be more involved in their education.

 5 Star Rating: 

Likes: The time breakdown, cross-curricular info, a lot of structure for both teacher and students, assessment for both teacher and students, strong focus on multimedia.

-Love the use of the daily challenge prompt

-Two playbacks of the video!!

-Team concept mapping!  Teacher reflection

Dislikes:  No suggestions for modeling activities or outcomes for students

-Dependency on streaming video is risky…may want to have a hard copy in case internet goes down.

Helpful Hints:  The rubric is a little confusing.  It may be more effective if each teacher created their own. 

Missing Elements The class may need a backup video.

Additional Comments: This lesson was incredibly easy to follow and organized very well!  Time structure was in place, minimal attention was given to state standards, and the entire lesson was book cased by measurable outcomes for both teacher and student.