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Clean Air Projects

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The goal of Clean Air Projects is to provide environmental education related to air quality that is engaging and relevant to encourage youth and educators to become critical thinkers capable of making informed decisions and taking actions to improve air quality and health.

The purpose of this website is to be a one-stop site for the delivery of effective environmental education related to air quality and health. The website provides effective and accurate resources to promote critical thinking using an inquiry-based framework that addresses the link between air quality and human health. 

Why care about air quality and human health?


Educational Resources Linking Air Quality and Health

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Lesson Plan Packets

These lesson plans were developed by organizations from around the country and use a variety of activities to address different topics related to air quality and health. Learn more.

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These lesson plans are blueprinted against the Colorado Department of Education Standards and Colorado Student Assessment Program. Learn more.

Colorado Academic Standards
Colorado Student Assessment Program

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Other Resources