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Clean Air Projects

Clean Air Campaign: Wanted Clean Air

Grade: Kindergarten

Description: Students will demonstrate an understanding of why clean air is important after reading a short story and observing pictures. They will be able to identify some of the causes of air pollution, including solutions on how to prevent it.

5 Star Rating:

Likes: I think it engages students in a variety of way of learning techniques (art, music,etc…)

Dislikes: Only concern is that it is a fairly long activity, sometimes teachers are rushed to fit health education into the school day/year.

Helpful Hints: N/A

Missing Elements: N/A

Additional Comments: I dothink students would enjoy this lesson as it engages them in a variety of ways.  Allowing students to be creative helps capture attention well.

5Star Rating:

Likes: The questions make the students think about air pollution and why we need clean air.  The steps for teaching are logical and clear.

Dislikes:  N/A

Helpful Hints: N/A

Missing Elements:  None

Additional Comments: Students are able to draw and be creative with this activity while still learning about air pollution.