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Clean Air Projects

On the Air: Our Lungs, Our Air, Our Health

Grade 6

Description: Students are introduced to the human respiratory system.  The teacher leads a review of how air moves into and through the body.  Students will be directed to online animations depicting the respiratory system and how air pollution affects the lungs.  Students will then conduct before and after measurements to see the effects that exercise has on their own heartbeat and breathing rates. Results are discussed and related to human activity on pollution alert days and the AQI.

5 Star Rating:

Likes: I liked the lung attack video and technical supports.

Dislikes: N/A

Helpful Hints: N/A

Missing Elements?  Students should graph data.  Students could do activities while breathing through a straw to simulate asthma.

Additional Comments:

5 Star Rating:        

Likes:  I like the comparison of O3 to “getting a sunburn in your lungs.” I liked the teacher background at the beginning.

Dislikes: I felt like the concepts in this one were a little more basic- middle school students probably already know that exercise will increase their heart and pulse.        

Helpful Hints: Have the students measure their own heart rate and breathing rate.

Missing Elements: When/Where is AQI introduced to students.

Additional Comments: I think they would have fun being active.  I think many students may have done something similar with active vs resting heart rate by 6th grade.