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Sleep Care at National Jewish HealthA sleep disorder interferes with your ability to sleep normally. For many people, it is a chronic, nightly problem that can affect daytime behavior. A sleep disorder can worsen existing medical conditions, and it also can lead to new health problems.

The experts at National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado, treat patients with a wide range of sleep disorders. At the leading respiratory hospital in the nation, we have the oldest and most comprehensive sleep program in the region. A multidisciplinary team of sleep medicine specialists, pulmonologists, psychologists, respiratory therapists and sleep study technologists will develop a customized care plan based on your specific needs.

Our sleep doctors are researchers too, so you have access to the latest clinical trials and most effective treatments for sleep disorders.


Sleep Care at National Jewish Health

At National Jewish Health, you’ll find:

  • The latest in sleep clinical trials
  • Comprehensive clinical evaluation and testing for all sleep disorders
  • Hospital-based and at home sleep studies
  • Psychological assessment and treatment
  • Continued follow-up to treat your changing needs.

Learn more about our Sleep Center.

Our Specialists

  • Jack D. Edinger

    Jack D. Edinger, PhD

  • Teofilo L. Lee-Chiong Jr

    Teofilo L. Lee-Chiong Jr, Jr, MD

  • Vipin Malik

    Vipin Malik, MD

  • Clara Restrepo

    Clara Restrepo, MD

  • Sheila Tsai

    Sheila Tsai, MD

Clinical Trials

For more than 100 years, National Jewish Health has been committed to finding new treatments and cures for diseases. Search our clinical trials.

Patient Stories

Nancy Deans

Digging Deeper to Find Answers

When breathing difficulties forced Nancy Deans to her knees, she had to give up her passion, barrel racing. Pulmonologist Don Rollins, MD, and his colleagues got Nancy back in the saddle.

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