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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at National Jewish Health

National Jewish Health is committed to enhancing the diversity, cultural competence, skill, and performance of our workforce. Our ability to understand and respond to a variety of cultural needs enables and empowers our employees to foster meaningful connections and effective communication with both our patients and colleagues.

Our Place in the Community

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The change that is taking place in the world is reflected at National Jewish Health and its surrounding area. Situated in the heart of Denver, the composition of the National Jewish Health populace has become increasingly diverse. National Jewish Health’s location within the city and its open-door policy for patients of any income puts it in the unique position to serve a very diverse client base. In serving this population, we are presented with many opportunities for learning and enlightenment. Therefore, our employees must be prepared to accommodate the diversity of our clientele as well as our ever-growing team.

How We View Each Other  

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In the past, the term “diversity” was made to fit people into easily defined categories. You were black or white, woman or man, native or immigrant. We now know that that the world is much more complex. The ways in which the citizens of the world assert their identities are almost too many to count. When we speak of diversity today, we must include a discussion on race that expands beyond the categories of black and white; we must discuss culture and assimilation; and we must discuss age, gender, family, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Oversimplified definitions of our citizens have become antiquated, and are no longer sufficient for the necessary conversations of today.

Implementing the Mission

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Awareness and recognition begets positive change. How do we become aware? We become aware by bringing people of disparate backgrounds together for education, discussion, and reflection. It will be through Diversity and Inclusion trainings, outreaches and activities that National Jewish becomes a closer knit community. Through these activities we become a community that is both prepared to serve its client base and meet the need of its diverse workforce.