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Lung Cancer DoctorsLung cancer is difficult to detect early, because many times there are no symptoms. The earlier lung cancer is detected, the better your chance of survival.

If you have been diagnosed or believe you are at risk of developing lung cancer, the experts at National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado can help. Our lung cancer program focuses on early detection and diagnosis. For those who are diagnosed with lung cancer, we provide integrated care and treatment options in a warm and caring environment.

As the leading respiratory hospital in the nation, our team excels at managing lung cancer patients with other lung diseases such as emphysema and COPD. National Jewish Health also has been named a high-performing hospital for Lung Cancer Surgery by U.S. News & World Report

Our doctors are researchers too, so you will have access to the latest lung cancer clinical trials and most effective treatments. At National Jewish Health you’ll find:USN LCS badge

  • Lung nodule registry to monitor people at risk for developing lung cancer

  • Lung cancer screening program to detect lung cancer early

  • A full range of advanced treatment options, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, minimally invasive procedures and surgery

  • Coordinated care personalized to your health and genetics

  • Palliative procedures and counseling for you and the whole family

The time our doctors spend with their patients is unequaled, ensuring a positive environment for listening, understanding concerns and offering options. Our team offers dedication to your care every step of the cancer journey.

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  • Laurie L. Carr

    Laurie L. Carr, MD

  • Debra S. Dyer

    Debra S. Dyer, MD, FACR

  • Kristen Glisinski

    Kristen Glisinski, MD

  • Christopher B. Jones

    Christopher B. Jones, MD

  • Robert Kantor

    Robert Kantor, MD

  • Jeffrey Kern

    Jeffrey Kern, MD

  • Seth Kligerman

    Seth Kligerman, MD

  • Bronwyn Long

    Bronwyn Long, DNP, MBA, ACHPN, AOCNS, ACNS-BC

  • Robert A. Meguid

    Robert A. Meguid, MPH, MD

  • John D. Mitchell

    John D. Mitchell, MD

  • Ellen Volker

    Ellen Volker, MD, MSPH

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