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Being cared for at National Jewish Health is a unique health care experience. We do not believe in the 15-minute patient encounter or just writing a few prescriptions. Your patient experience is important to us. Please review our patient and visitor information to assist with your visit.

Learn answers to frequently asked questions involving the following topics:


About National Jewish Health

Question: What does National Jewish Health do that I can't get locally or from my doctor?

Answer: Patients come here for hope and help. They stay for our compassionate and exceptional staff, for our doctors who don't give up and for treatments that really make a difference. This is what we do everyday for every patient.

Our doctors are respected worldwide as the leading experts in their specialty areas. When you are treated by the specialists here, you receive the most advanced and experienced care available. Every patient's situation is unique and his or her experiences here are also distinctive. Our physicians and medical care staff are dedicated to providing each patient with an individualized, comprehensive evaluation and state-of-the-art treatment

Patients at National Jewish Health also have access to numerous clinical trials and ground breaking research, which has been translated into medical care that is not available elsewhere.

Learn more about us.


Question: Does National Jewish Health treat everything?

Answer: National Jewish Health is a specialty center for all diseases related to breathing, lungs, allergies and immune system diseases. We are not a typical hospital. We do not have an emergency department or operating rooms. We do not have many inpatient beds. We are a full-service multispecialty care center. 

Our National Jewish Health for Kids specialists evaluate and treat diseases including asthma, allergies (environmental and food), eczema, immune and rheumatoid conditions, and related behavioral health issues.

We see adult patients for asthma, allergies, COPD/emphysema, heart-lung problems, lung nodules and other lung diseases, as well as cardiac, rheumatoid, endocrine, ENT, TB/infectious disease, interstitial lung and occupational lung diseases.

Whether you are suffering from a mild or severe form of your disease—we can help!

Learn about the conditions we treat.


Question: Are National Jewish Health physicians board certified?

Answer: Yes, all National Jewish Health doctors are double board certified in family practice, internal medicine or pediatric medicine and their specialty care area (allergy and immunology, pulmonology, cardiology, rheumatology, radiology, etc.).

Many of our doctors are also board certified in additional sub-specialty areas such as critical care medicine, occupational medicine, nuclear cardiology, occupational medicine, etc. Board certification in multiple areas allows our doctors to provide more comprehensive patient evaluations and to treat more complicated diseases that often affect more than one area of the body so that you get a "whole person" approach to your medical care.

National Jewish Health patients have access to exceptional subspecialty care in one location from physicians who not only are extremely well trained, but also who, as physicians, teachers and researchers, are on the forefront of the latest medical treatments.

View our faculty and staff bios.


Scheduling Appointments

Question: Should I talk to my doctor about making an appointment at National Jewish Health?

Answer: You can talk with your doctor or you can call our Lung Line at 1.877.225.5654 and talk with one of our specialized nurses. They will talk with you about your healthcare issues and how you may benefit from our specialty care.

Your doctor is also welcome to refer you to National Jewish Health for an evaluation. Your doctor may call the Physician Line at 1.800.652.9555, to discuss specific questions or concerns regarding your case.

Refer a Patient


Question: What is MyChart?

Answer: MyChart is secure way to access your health information and receive care from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • MyChart Features Schedule a visit with a new or existing provider

  • View your health information

  • Communicate with your care team

  • Start a video visit

  • Manage appointments

  • Manage your accounts and payments

  • Access your family’s records with a proxy account

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Question: How do I schedule an appointment at National Jewish Health?

Answer: Call our Scheduling Line at 303.398.1355 or 1.877.225.5654 and we'll work with you to determine the specialist you need to see, what your insurance coverage is and if you need prior authorization. You can also request an appointment online through MyChart.

Make an Appointment

Ask a Question


Question: Do I need a referral to be seen at National Jewish Health?

Answer: Talk with your insurance carrier to learn if you need a referral to see a doctor at National Jewish Health. Your primary care physician may fax the referral to us at: 303.270.2153

You may also call our Patient Billing Office at 303.398.1065 or 800.423.8891 x1065 to learn more about our billing.

View more information on Billing & Insurance.


Question: How long will I wait to get an appointment at National Jewish Health?

Answer: We make every attempt to see you as soon as possible based on availability of the specialists you need to see. Wait times may vary depending on the time of year and the appointment(s) you need.


Question: Do I need pre-authorization at National Jewish Health?

Answer: You may need prior authorization for some services, so check with your insurance. Your referring doctor may help you obtain prior authorization. You may also call our Patient Billing Office at 303.398.1065 or 800.423.8891 x1065 for assistance.


Question: Will you accept my insurance at National Jewish Health?

Answer: National Jewish Health contracts with most insurance carriers. Check with your carrier to understand your coverage. You may also call our Patient Billing Office at 303.398.1065 or 800.423.8891 x1065 to learn more about our billing and payment options or visit the Billing & Insurance section of our website for more information on insurances we accept.


Question: What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

Answer: Simply call our Scheduling Line at 303.398.1355 or 800.621.0505 and we'll find a better time for you. If you are an out-of-state patient, please call your patient admissions coordinator who will help you.



Question: I'm visiting National Jewish Health and am not familiar with Denver. Can you help me with travel plans?

Answer: Yes. National Jewish Health wants your visit to Denver to be easy, affordable and comfortable as possible. We are well acquainted with questions that arise in making travel arrangements. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1.877.225.5654.

National Jewish Health has some affiliations with local businesses to help make your travel experience more affordable.

View more information about traveling to Denver.

Here are some other helpful Denver links:


Question: Where do I stay when I am a patient at National Jewish Health?

Answer: We are primarily an outpatient facility. For inpatient and long term visitors, view a list of hotels that are close to National Jewish Health.


Question: Where is the airport in relation to National Jewish Health?

Answer: The Denver International Airport (Opens in a new window) is located about 40 minutes east of National Jewish Health.

View more information about arriving in Denver.


Question: What city transportation is available near National Jewish Health?

Answer: The city of Denver offers many modes of transportation: ride share (Uber, Lyft) buses, taxis, light rail trains, limousines, rental cars and shuttles.

View more information about transportation in Denver.

Here are helpful links:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers reduced rates for National Jewish Health patients. Call them at 1.800.736.8227 and give them PIN #NAT to receive the discounted rates.


Question: What's the weather like in Denver?

Answer: Denver is a sunny and dry climate. We have over 300 days of sunshine, but it can get cold and windy, too. You will need to drink lots of water and apply ample sunscreen and lotion.

View general climate information (Opens in a new window)

Local weather forecasts


Question: What is Denver's altitude?

Answer: Denver's elevation is a mile above sea level. It can cause some out-of-state patients to get altitude sickness. Altitude sickness occurs when the body reacts poorly to sudden travel to high altitudes because the air is thinner and the body gets less oxygen. Learn more about altitude sickness and oxygen therapy.

Question: What do I need to pack for my appointment at National Jewish Health? 

Answer: To help you adequately prepare for your appointment, our website provides information about guidelines for your stay, items to bring, preparing for your test and more in our Visiting Us section.

View more information about preparing for your appointment.


About My Appointment

Question: Do you need my medical records when I visit National Jewish Health?

Answer: Yes, National Jewish Health doctors will need all of your medical records, test results, and radiology images (on CD) to provide a thorough assessment and options for your individual medical situation.

View more information about forms and medical records.


Question: How many visits to National Jewish Health will I need to make?

Answer: Every case is unique, but we try to handle your treatment with the fewest number of visits. If you are an international or out-of-state patient, we make every effort to accommodate your care in one trip to Denver. In addition, your patient admissions coordinator will work with you to minimize the trips required for treatment. 


Question: How long will my appointment take at National Jewish Health?

Answer: National Jewish Health has a different philosophy on patient appointments from other medical centers or doctors offices. We spend time with you reviewing your complete medical history and current symptoms and treatment, as well as the results of any new testing. Our physicians seek diligently to find the right diagnosis and treatment. The length of your appointment will vary based on your specific needs. New patient appointments can vary from a one hour initial visit to a week long evaluation if you are an out-of-state patient. 


Question: What can I anticipate at my appointment at National Jewish Health?

Answer: You will spend approximately one to two hours with the doctor on your first visit. You may have testing (allergy, laboratory, and/or imaging) and you may see other doctors and providers. Your doctor is committed to spending as much time as you need to answer your questions, and to diagnose and treat your condition.

Please read the Guidelines for Your Stay at National Jewish Health before you come.

View more information about preparing for your appointment.


Question: What other types of doctors will I see during my visit at National Jewish Health?

Answer: This depends on your condition. We have many different specialists here:

  • Allergy and Immunology

  • Behavioral Health

  • Cardiology (heart)

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

  • Critical Care Medicine

  • Endocrinology - adults

  • Gastroenterology (stomach, intestines and related organs) - adults

  • Infectious Disease - adults

  • Occupational Medicine

  • Oncology (lung cancer)

  • Orthopedics (bones, joints, ligaments)

  • Otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat)

  • Pulmonology (lungs)

  • Sleep Medicine

  • Radiology

  • Rheumatology (whole body inflammatory diseases in the skin, joints, muscles and internal organs)

  • Speech Pathology


Question: Does National Jewish Health have any clinical trials for my type of condition?

Answer: We have a very active clinical research program at National Jewish Health. Learn about clinical trials.


International & Out of State Patients

Question: Am I responsible for expenses when traveling to National Jewish Health?

Answer: Each patient is responsible for his/hers traveling expenses. National Jewish Health has some affiliations with local businesses to help make your travel experience more affordable. Please see our Visiting Us section for more information.


Question: How do I obtain a visa?

Answer: It is the patient’s responsibility to get the appropriate travel documentation. We will provide you with a receipt of your payment and with a letter that confirms your appointments at National Jewish Health. You can find instructions regarding visa applications here: (Opens in a new window).


Question: Do I need to translate my medical records to English for National Jewish Health?

Answer: Please obtain all relevant copies of your medical records and have them professionally translated into English. This allows our medical staff to provide you with the best care.

View more information about forms and medical records.


Question: Do you offer interpretation services throughout my stay at National Jewish Health?

Answer: We offer interpretation services for our patients throughout their entire visit at National Jewish Health at no charge.


Question: How long should I anticipate staying in Denver for an appointment at National Jewish Health?

Answer: Patients who live outside the Denver area are generally scheduled for a four to seven day visit. This often requires you to stay over the weekend. In addition, two to three appointments with your treating physician as well as diagnostic testing, health education, specialty physician consultations, and rehabilitation treatment may be scheduled. The clinic staff will provide you with a written schedule of appointments every day.