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Eileen Wang, MD, MPH, is a former fellow and physician-researcher who not only represents the future of her field, but also the future of National Jewish Health. She completed her allergy and immunology fellowship in August 2016 and will join the institution as a faculty member in November.


‘A Roundabout Route to Medicine’

Dr. Wang pursued her medical degree after starting her career in social advocacy, focusing her work on people affected by domestic violence. Today, she is blending her passion for medicine and promoting health among underserved populations by conducting research to understand why these groups are disproportionately affected by asthma. In particular, Dr. Wang is interested in investigating the relationship between asthma control/severity and domestic violence exposure. She also treats patients with challenging medical cases in the clinics.

Dr. Wang, who has a master’s in public health, hopes to continue epidemiologic-based asthma research after her fellowship.


‘The Best of the Best’

Dr. Wang also took a roundabout route to her fellowship at National Jewish Health by participating in an “away rotation” while she was a resident at the University of Chicago.

“The University of Chicago did not have an allergy fellowship program,” Dr. Wang said. “I was told that if you want to go to the best of the best, you go to National Jewish Health. The away rotation allowed me to get a taste of what a fellowship would be like.”

Her experience was so positive that she decided to apply for the National Jewish Health Allergy and Immunology Fellowship Program.

With the mentorship of the program’s leaders, Drs. Katial and Hoyte, she feels prepared for a career in what at times can be a “gray field” without definitive answers to patients’ issues.


An Unparalleled Education

“They really push us. You’re not allowed to take the easy route.” she said. “They teach you to think comprehensively about these complex patients. The training gives you more confidence in your abilities.”

Dr. Wang has also been impressed by the institution’s emphasis on education and the diverse perspectives of our faculty members.

“National Jewish Health cares so much about education,” she said. “Everyone here is top of the line, and they all have different areas of expertise. It has been an amazing learning experience to see how all these brilliant minds come together and how that translates to patient care.”