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Lecture in Kazakhstan 

In July 2006, National Jewish Health alumnus, Bruce S. Dobozin, MD, (1983 -1985) had the unique opportunity to present at "High Technologies in Ophthalmology," an international conference held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The conference was sponsored by the Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Eye Diseases and was attended by more than 230 physicians.

Dr. Dobozin gave a lecture entitled "Newest Discoveries in Allergic Disorders of the Eye" alongside a dozen ophthalmologists and vision researchers from the United States and Turkey who presented the latest clinical and basic science research related to diseases of the eye. This group travels annually to medically-remote areas to provide much needed education and expertise.

"My experience in Kazakhstan was personally and professionally rewarding," says Dr. Dobozin. "Medicine is very different there and many do not have access to the services they need. While the ophthalmology equipment was fairly up-to-date, the basics were missing, such as alcohol wipes. Based on the turnout of allergist/ immunologists, I suspect that our specialty is not represented in a meaningful way."


Practicing in New York

When he's not presenting internationally, Dr. Dobozin runs a private allergy and immunology practice in Brooklyn and Woodstock, NY. He continues his connection to National Jewish Health as an Educational Affiliate through which he is involved in community outreach, professional and patient education, fundraising and clinical research. He authored a book entitled, Allergies: The Complete Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment and Daily Management, which was recently released in second edition.