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Jack D. Edinger

Jack D. Edinger, PhD, is an insomnia specialist at National Jewish Health. Dr. Edinger is in the Section of Sleep Medicine and Department of Medicine.

Special Interests

Clinical and Research Interests

I have research and clinical interests in the nature, classification and management of insomnia disorders. My basic research interest pertain to developing understanding of the causative and perpetuating mechanisms involved in insomnia as well as ascertaining effective methods for documenting the daytime impairments associated with this condition. I also have interest in ascertaining new methods for classifying or subtyping insomnia and identifying reliable insomnia phenotypes. Finally I have interest in developing and improving our current insomnia management strategies.



1973 - 1977
Virginia Commonwealth University, Clinical Psychology

Awards & Recognition

Advisor to the Sleep Disorders Workgroup of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 5th Edition.

Member of the International Classification of Sleep Disorders, 3rd Edition task force and chair of the insomnia section.

Board Certification

2003: Certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine

Professional Memberships

American Academy of Sleep Medicine
American Psychological Association
Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy      


Edinger JD, Wohlgemuth WK, Radtke RA, Marsh GR, & Quillian (2001). Cognitive-behavioral therapy for treatment of chronic primary insomnia: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of the American Medical Association,285, 1856-64.

Krystal  AD, Edinger JD, Wohlgemuth WK, Marsh GR. (2002)  Non-REM sleep EEG frequency spectral correlates of sleep complaints in primary insomnia subtypes. Sleep, 25, 630-640.

Edinger JD, Bonnet MH, Bootzin RR, Doghramji K, Dorsey CM, Espie CA, Jamieson AO, McCall WV, Morin CM, Stepanski EJ.  (2004). Derivation of research diagnostic criteria for insomnia: report of an American Academy of Sleep Medicine work group.  Sleep, 27: 1567-96.   

Edinger JD; Olsen MK; Stechuchak KM; Means MK; Lineberger MD; Kirby A; Carney CE. (2009). Cognitive behavioral therapy for patients with primary insomnia or insomnia associated predominantly with mixed psychiatric disorders: a randomized clinical trial. Sleep, 32(4): 499-510.  

Edinger, JD; Wyatt, JK; Stepanski, EJ; Olsen, MK; Stechuchak, KM; Carney, CE; Chiang, A;  Crisostomo, MI; Lineberger, MD; Means, MK; Radtke, RA; Wohlgemuth, WK; Krystal, AD. (2011). Testing the Reliability and Validity of DSM-IV-TR and ICSD-2 Insomnia Diagnoses: Results of a Multi-Method/Multi-Trait Analysis. Archives of General Psychiatry. Published online June 6, 2011. doi.1001/archgenpsychiary.2011.64

Teaching & Professional Positions

Adjunct Professor at Duke University Medical Center

Conflicts of Interest

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