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Asthma: Environmental Management

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This information was reviewed and approved by David Tinkelman, MD (3/31/2012).

Things in your immediate environment such as tobacco smoke, air pollution, pets and even the air inside your home can affect your asthma.

It is important to manage these factors around you as well as you can in order to minimize your asthma symptoms and asthma attack occurrence.

Air Pollution

Air pollution can make asthma worse and is more likely to affect certain groups of people. Learn more about air pollution and asthma.

Indoor Air Quality

Many different sources within the home can emit pollutants. Some of these sources continually pollute, and other sources may emit pollutants intermittently. Learn more about indoor air quality and asthma.


Feathered or furry pets in the home can affect people with asthma. Repeated exposure to animals can lead to allergies and an increase in asthma symptoms. Learn more about pets and asthma.

Secondhand Smoke

When you are exposed to smoke in the environment,it is called secondhand smoke. This can make your asthma worse. Learn more about secondhand smoke and asthma.

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