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Creating Asthma Measurements through the MORRE Study

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Trial Objectives

Researchers want to develop new ways to measure if a patient’s asthma is improving or worsening. During the study, participants will use a FitBit® to measure steps per day and sleep quality. Participants also will answer a custom survey using their own smartphone. Researchers hope to determine the best ways to show how well asthma is controlled while being treated with omalizumab, a common asthma medication.

Who Can Participate

Participants between 18 and 85 years of age with moderate-to-severe asthma at the time of enrollment, and who are eligible for omalizumab therapy.

Age: 18-85 Gender: Any

Estimated Time Commitment

Participants will have a 2-3 in-person clinic visits of 45-90 minutes over 6-12 months.

Time Commitment Details

Participants will also complete monthly surveys and questionnaires at home during the 12-month period.

Payment & Reimbursement

Payment: Provided

Travel Reimbursement: Not Available

Trial Contact

For more information, contact:

Stephanie Leonard

Trial Location

National Jewish Main Campus, Denver, CO

Trial Sponsors

National Jewish Health

Principal Investigators

Eileen Wang

Eileen Wang, MD, MPH


  • Flavia Cecilia Lega Hoyte

    Flavia Cecilia Lega Hoyte, MD

  • Laurie A. Manka

    Laurie A. Manka, MD

  • Kanao Otsu

    Kanao Otsu, MD, MPH

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