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Exercise Tolerance

Pediatric Exercise ToleranceDo you, your family member, your teammate, or your child have trouble breathing when exercising, or even when playing? “Exercise intolerance,” meaning trouble with everyday exercise could be the culprit.

The National Jewish Health Exercise & Performance Breathing Center in Denver, Colorado, is the premier center for evaluating and curing breathing and heart problems during exercise. Patients travel from across the country for diagnosis and treatment of exercise-induced laryngeal obstruction (also known as vocal cord dysfunction or paradoxical vocal fold motion), exercise-induced asthma, and other heart and lung conditions. Additionally, we take care of athletes at any level, ranging from children to Olympians to adults looking to exercise for enjoyment and health. Our multidisciplinary team of doctors and therapists will identify and treat medical barriers to exercise.

At National Jewish Health you’ll find:

  • Care providers that partner with patients to develop innovative and individualized plans for the short and long-term

  • A state-of-the-art exercise lab, with access to treadmills, exercise cycles, and a swimming pool

  • Diagnostic tests and treatment therapies available nowhere else in the world that allow us to see the upper airway during intense exercise, the heart during intense exercise, and train patients to manage vocal cord dysfunction, asthma, and other conditions

  • Thoughtful discussion and evaluation that is not rushed

Our goal is to enable you, your family member, your teammate, or your child to exercise without breathing problems.

Our doctors are researchers too, so your child will have access to the latest pediatric exercise tolerance clinical trials and most effective treatments.

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Our Specialists

  • Elizabeth M. Fan

    Elizabeth M. Fan, PA-C

  • Marjorie Patricia George

    Marjorie Patricia George, MD

  • Darlene Kim

    Darlene Kim, MD, FACC

  • J. Tod Olin

    J. Tod Olin, MD, MSCS

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