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Research and Laboratories

We actively participate and lead research programs at National Jewish Health on the pharmacotherapy of asthma. We are particularly interested in severe asthma, assessment of steroid response, and therapeutic intervention in childhood asthma.

Our research is primarily conducted in the following laboratory:


Clinical Trials

Our researchers are looking for adult and pediatric study participants to help us pursue better treatments and cures. Participants may receive medical evaluations and procedures, study medication, disease-related education and possible financial compensation for time, travel and participation. Get more information about clinical research trials at National Jewish Health.



AsthmaNet is a nationwide clinical research network created by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) in 2009. The purpose of AsthmaNet is to develop and conduct multiple clinical trials that explore new approaches in treating asthma from childhood through adulthood. Visit the AsthmaNet website.


Clinical Assays

Our focus is clinical pharmacology (the effects of medications), as it relates to the treatment of respiratory disorders, particularly asthma. Our Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology Consult service provides a clinical consultation in medications used to treat respiratory disease, especially corticosteroids, as well as expertise in clinical research. We interpret assays related to corticosteroid pharmacokinetics (LINK) and also lymphocyte sensitivity to corticosteroids, a pharmacodynamic assay (LINK).


Learn more about the Division of Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology.