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All Primary Cell Biology faculty with the exception of Drs. Reynolds and Frazer-Abel have research labs. We are involved in research, but do not conduct clinical trials.

Faculty members and their labs have full access to extensive Institutional Core Resources supporting flow cytometry, cell sorting, confocal and real time live cell fluorescent imaging, and transcriptomic, genomic and epigenetic analysis/sequencing.

The Institution maintains an outstanding AAALAC-accredited vivarium, a state of the art mouse genetics facility capable of creating genetically modified mice, protein biochemistry and X-ray crystallography facilities and a full service histology core. Cell biology faculty members also have access to the Institutional Biorepository containing over 6000 samples of serum, blood and BAL linked to clinical information through the research database.


Related Programs

Cell Biology faculty members are highly collaborative across the Division, Department, and at an inter-Departmental level. They also collaborate and interact with faculty at the University of Colorado Denver. These collaborations and interactions include research projects, training and teaching opportunities as well as social interactions. Cell Biology faculty members also interact on a more or less weekly basis at the many seminars based at National Jewish or at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. 

Cell Biology Faculty utilized all of the basic science related cores as well as the Biobank and Database at National Jewish.

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