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Users must register:
  1. Log on to the National Jewish Health Spyderweb

  2. Click “Cytometry”


To Register

  1. Upper left hand corner click “register here”

  2. Fill in all boxes – click “sign in”

  3. Flow staff must unlock new user – call lab x1330


For Registered Users

  1. Fill in “username” and “password” boxes (staff does not have access to passwords)

  2. Pick machine or microscope

  3. Pick date from calendar

  4. Check off the time – pay attention to am or pm, 15 min increments are available. Microscopes should be signed up for a minimum of ½hr. (lamp requirement)

  5. Click “Reserve checked” box. Your name will appear online, Flowlab: Today’s schedule

All scheduling is done on-line except for sorting reservations.

All sorting reservations must be approved by flow staff, Goodman Rm 1014 or 1015.



 NJHealth Users*Running BSL-2 samplesOutside Users
Olympus Multiphoton$60/hr.$70/hr.$98.40/hr.
LSM700 Confocal$55/hr.$65/hr.$90.20/hr.
Marianas Spinning Disk$55/hr.$65/hr.$90.20/hr.
All other microscopes$50/hr.$60/hr.$82/hr.

*Running BSL-2 samples is limited to NJHealth users and requires annual IBC approval.
An outside company working in conjunction with a NJHealth member who has NJH IBC approval for BSL-2 would pay $142.50/hr. for running BSL-2 samples.

There is a “Reserved rate” of .4 x hourly rate and  a “Used rate” of .6 x hourly rate.

  1. If you reserve time and use it: you will be charged the total hourly rate

  2. If you cancel before 24 hrs. of scheduled time: you will not incur any charges

  3. If you cancel within 24 hrs. of scheduled time: you will be charged for reserved time only (.4 x hourly rate)

  4. If you sign up and use on same day: no reserved time will be charged – you will be charged for used time only (.6 x hourly rate)

All questions about billing should be referred to Flow staff.