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Esophageal Surgery Postoperative Care

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Preparing for an upcoming operation can be stressful. We have put this information together to help ease your mind. To us, going to the operating room is obviously quite routine, since we spend a majority of our time there. For most of you, it is a strange place where everyone wears blue and covers their faces with masks. Not only that, but you also have to put on the notoriously unfashionable gown and get wheeled around in a bed when you are perfectly capable of walking. Yes, it is a bit strange. Hopefully this will take some of the unknown out of it for you.


Before Surgery

You will receive instructions regarding where to go and what time to be there for your surgery. You may be called the night before by the anesthesiologist. Do not take blood thinning medication for one week prior to surgery (aspirin, coumadin, etc.).


Day of Esophageal Surgery

Please arrive on time according to your preoperative instructions, but realize that surgery start times are estimations. Some operations take longer than planned, and we appreciate your patience. Leave all non-essential valuables at home, but be sure to bring a good book or something else to read or do. Before surgery you will likely meet one of the “residents” who will be assisting during the operation (see below). Your surgeon will meet with your family or friend(s) after surgery when you are in the recovery room. It usually takes another 1 – 2 hours from that time until the surgeon can see family. Many family members wish to leave the hospital during the operation, which is perfectly acceptable. Your surgeon is happy to call the designated family member after the surgery. Just be sure to designate someone to call, and leave a working number.


What is a Resident?

Residents are general surgeons in training who have been carefully selected to spend 5+ years mastering all aspects of general surgery. They are essential to our team, and you will see them regularly, probably more than your surgeon.

Although they are excellently trained, residents are under the constant supervision of your surgeons.