Walk With A Doc Transforms Lives

Learn how a monthly walking program with doctors and other health professionals can help you improve your health. National Jewish Health Director of Cardiology Prevention and Wellness and Cardiologist Andrew Freeman, MD, explains the benefits of walking with this group.



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Walk With a Doc is a national program that we’ve brought to Colorado that uses exercise as medicine.

The goal is to get people motivated to walk the walk with their doctors and to also talk the talk.

Coming to Walk With a Doc is a really wonderful and welcoming experience.

Everybody is wearing a name tag.

Everybody says, “Hello.”

They want to meet you.

They want you to be part of the group.

When you come early, you’ll register, you’ll get a bunch of free things, a t-shirt or a pedometer or whatever we have available and there’s refreshments.

So have some coffee, a piece of fruit and chat with other people who are motivated to improve their health.

We use Walk With a Doc to get people motivated and excited about exercising, using group dynamics and social support to get people to do more than they would ordinarily do alone and we also educate the public and the patients about a health topic.

For instance, we’ll talk about coronary disease or atrial fibrillation or osteoporosis or lung cancer, but whatever it might be, we want to impart some key pearls of wisdom so that patients and the public know when to seek help when there’s a problem.

And then on the walks, you get to meet people as well and talk more about improving health with the doctors and exercise physiologists and nurses and everyone else that will be there.

Walk With a Doc is one of the best programs around, and it’s excellent for health and well-being.

You really feel energized, motivated, and you are ready for the day.

Staying active and healthy is important for everybody no matter what age you are.

I really enjoy it, even during the wintertime.

We’ve had times in January where it might be 15 below zero and I’ve been out there.

To see an individual transform their life from being sickly and on lots of pills and not feeling good to being an active member of society like they once were, that to me is the most powerful thing we do.

So come learn and exercise and get well with us.

Visit njhealth.org/wwad for more information.

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