4 Simple Ways to Be the Healthiest You

“What can I do to be the healthiest person possible?” That’s a question National Jewish Health Cardiologist Andrew Freeman, MD, gets every day. His answer includes four simple things.



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Many times I’m asked, “What can I do to be the healthiest person possible?”

And there really are only four things and they’re really simple, but incredibly hard to do on a daily basis.

Those four things are: eating predominately plants, exercising more, stressing less and loving more.

And of course that sounds easy, but really it’s a big change for a lot of folks to give up the typical meat and cheese diets that we are used to, to exercise 30 minutes everyday at a level of breathlessness, to work on a stress relief modality and to work on getting connections support and love to really be strong in your life.

Those four things can really do wonders for people.

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