QuitLogix tobacco cessation program helps nearly a hundred people a day quit smoking, and uses clinically proven methods to achieve some of the highest quit rates in the country. Quitlogix is a turnkey program that is easy to implement, can be customized and provides results quickly.


How QuitLogix Works

Participants enroll online or by telephone. They receive personalized coaching, guidance on tobacco cessation medications, email and text support, and educational materials.

Participants work with a coach to prepare a quit plan, set a quit date, understand tobacco triggers, manage cravings, and address relapses. As participants progress through the program, they complete a series of coaching calls which offer support and guidance throughout their quit attempt.


QuitLogix Program Components

Depending on the customization of your program, participants will have access to a variety of resources:

  • Tobacco cessation coaches available 17 hours/day; 7 days/week; 363 days/year
  • Up to 5 proactive coaching sessions with unlimited inbound calls
  • Full pharmacotherapy program including Nicotine Replacement Therapy provisions and coordination of pharmacy benefits
  • eCoach–a web-based, text messaging, email and mobile program available 24/7
  • Clinical oversight and extensive training of coaches and staff by National Jewish Health faculty

QuitLogix Frequently Asked Questions