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T-Cell Receptor Profiling

National Jewish Health is a preferred provider of ThermoFisher TCRb-Seq providing full data sets, custom reports and access to interactive data analysis tools to work with your TCR data in ThermoFisher’s powerful Ion Reporter Cloud. Standard and Deep Sequencing options are available. Through our Center for Genes, Environment and Health Data Science Group at National Jewish Health we can assist with experiment design, sample preparation, study design and custom analysis.

TCRb-seq provides a solution for traditionally hard-to-determine questions. These could include questions such as:

  • Observing specific (clonal) vs. non-specific cellular activation within a diverse sample set (i.e. Human subjects)
  • Examining the contributions of pathogen driven inflammation to disease models or human disease
  • Identifying unique TCRb populations comparing specific T cell populations
  • Observing TCR-selection and/or evolution over time in the course of autoimmune development, vaccine studies, pathogen-host interactions, or cancer models.


TCRb Sequencing

Clonal Expansion Profiling of TCR’s

Get a detailed visual of clonal expansion from your experiments.

See how diverse or targeted the expansion activity is within your samples.


Expert Assistance


Sample Prep

Please refer to instructions in the extraction kit. If you have further questions, reach out to the core for clarification. For DNA, we can help match your samples to a workflow and kit that has previously performed well for us.

Sample Prep Guidance


Submission Resources

Download Sample Submission Form
Download New TCRb Project Request Form



  • Black permanent marker for labeling
  • Top tube label – 1A+Pi initials, 2A+Pi initials (i.e. 1AKW). We will determine initials.
  • Side of the tube = Sample name