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We operate from a philosophy of providing the best solutions and service to our customers and collaborators. Thus, we base our investment decisions for technology solutions that best fit the genomic needs of our partners, regardless of the company platform. We currently operate NGS platforms from Illumina, Thermo, 10x Genomics, and WaferGen. This flexibility enables us to match the best sequencing pipeline to our customers’ needs. 

Sequencers and Genomic Platforms

  • Thermo Ion S5 Prime
  • Thermo Ion S5 XL
  • Illumina MiSeq
  • 10X Genomics Single Cell Chromium IX

Molecular Biology and Supporting Instruments

  • Thermo Ion Chef (Qty2)
  • Covaris S2 (Qty2)
  • TapeStation (Agilent)
  • BioAnalyzer (Agilent)
  • NanoDrop (Thermo)
  • QuantStudio 7 - qPCR (Thermo)
  • Bead Beater
  • Plate Reader
  • Speed Vacuum