No matter which of our top wellness programs you're considering, it's important to understand how our approach is different from most other weight management and tobacco cessation programs.


Evidenced-Based Wellness Programs

Because QuitLogix® was created by National Jewish Health®, the leading respiratory hospital in the U.S., we actually conduct the clinical research to study and shape the tobacco cessation programs we offer. Known worldwide for treatment of patients with respiratory, cardiac, immune and related disorders, National Jewish Health addresses one of the top causes of preventable illness and death today –  tobacco use – through QuitLogix.

QuitLogix techniques are proven in both the medical literature and in the real world so you can have the utmost confidence that the wellness programs you choose give participants their best chance to succeed.


Successful Coaching Methods

QuitLogix uses proven coaching methods that are the foundation of our behavioral change programs, including Stages of Change, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.

Our health coaches are professionally trained to assess a caller's stage of change on each call and to tailor interventions based on that person's readiness to change behavior.

Motivational interviewing techniques are used to help callers resolve ambivalence, reinforce their reasons for wanting to change, and identify what lifestyle changes they are ready to make after each call. Strategies like reflective listening, empathetic responding, opening questioning and problem solving are all part of the process. In other words, our coaches are trained in health and wellness concepts, but they also know how important it is for every interaction to be genuine and sincere. There are no scripts, no forced dialogue. It's a conversation that can inspire change.