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Miners Clinic of Colorado

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The Miners Clinic of Colorado provides health screening and education for coal, metal, non-metal and aggregate miners, as well as for historic uranium industry workers, through two free screening programs:

Download the Miners Clinic brochure (PDF).


Next Screening

April 9, 10, and 11

Montrose Regional Health

800 South Third Street, Montrose CO 81401


Free & Confidential Health Screenings

Your confidential screening is FREE. These services are paid for by federally funded grants.

Space is limited. An appointment is required.

Call Today: 1.877.255.LUNG (877.255.5864) or 303.398.1418


Annual Screening Locations

  • Denver, CO, National Jewish Health Main Campus – two clinics per month
  • Pueblo, CO  
  • Montrose, CO  
  • Craig, CO  
  • Casper, WY  
  • Page, AZ 

To learn more about our outreach clinics, please call us at 303.398.1418, or toll free at 1.877.255.LUNG (1.877.255.5864).


Who is eligible for a free screening?

Active and former miners in Colorado and Arizona are eligible for a free screening through the Black Lung Clinic.

Those who live in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana or South Dakota and meet the criteria for any of the following categories are eligible for a free screening through the Radiation Exposure Screening and Education Program (RESEP):

  • Miners ClinicUranium miner for 1 year (or 40 WLM) before 1972

  • Uranium mill worker for 1 year before 1972

  • Uranium ore transporter for 1 year before 1972

  • A minimum of one year of combined uranium mining, mill work and/or ore transporting

  • Worked onsite during the testing of a nuclear weapon

  • Lived in an area downwind of the Nevada Test Site

To find out if you are eligible for a free screening or if you would like more information, please call us at 1.877.255.5864.


What happens during a screening visit?

The Miners Clinic of Colorado offers in-depth, confidential screening for illnesses related to mining, historic radiation exposure, and other conditions. Please reference the sections on our Black Lung Clinic and RESEP Clinic for detailed information about the services provided by each clinic. All visits include a health questionnaire, physical exam, spirometry (breathing test), chest X-ray with B reading for dust disease, and oximetry (oxygen level in your blood). Depending on your work and exposure history, a RESEP screening may also include urinalysis, arterial blood gas (ABG) testing, or fecal occult blood testing. Early diagnosis and medical care can often make a difference in quality of life and long-term survival.


What happens after screening?

You will receive a letter explaining the results of your screening visit.

If your screening results show potential problems, we may recommend further medical evaluation and treatment with your primary care physician, a local health care provider or at National Jewish Health. If you do not have a primary care physician, you can schedule an appointment in our Occupational Lung Disease Clinic by calling 800.222.5864.

Our full diagnostic services include:

The Miners Clinic of Colorado also offers benefits counseling for those who may qualify for Federal Black Lung Benefits or the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA).


What will a medical screening cost me?

Your confidential screening at the Miners Clinic of Colorado is FREE. These services are paid for by federally funded grants.

If you need additional diagnostic testing or treatment, those costs will not be covered by the Miners Clinic of Colorado.


  • E Brigitte Gottschall

    E Brigitte Gottschall, MD

  • Richard Kraus

    Richard Kraus, PA-C

  • Silpa D. Krefft

    Silpa D. Krefft, MD, MPH

  • Cecile S. Rose

    Cecile S. Rose, MD, MPH

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