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Allergy (Pediatric) Overview

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Frequent sneezing, runny nose or irritated eyes may seem like a common cold or other illness, but your child might actually have some type of pediatric allergy.

Many children experience allergy symptoms such as these, commonly triggered by pollen, mold, pets, types of food, medicines and more.

Thanks to modern advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies, it's easier than ever to determine to what your child is allergic and give him or her the appropriate treatment.

Common allergies include:

Read a brief story that illustrates what causes allergy.


Pediatric Allergic Rhinitis

Children with seasonal allergic rhinitis have been sensitized to outdoor allergens, such as tree pollens, grasses and weeds.


Lifestyle Management with Pediatric Allergies

An important part of treating or preventing any disease, including pediatric allergies, is lifestyle management.