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Pulmonary Physiology Research Support

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Research Coordinators for Pulmonary Physiology Services:

Christine Cohn, CPFT, BS

Becky Kolenbrander, RRT, RPFT, BA, AE-C

Available as a resource for:

  • Information on pulmonary diagnostic testing

  • Assistance in setting up research protocol to be used in PPS

  • Assistance in scheduling of testing

  • Available for meeting with research monitors and providing information on quality control of equipment, supplying information on the meeting of ATS/ERS, AARC or protocol standards.

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Research Studies in PPS

The following describes the process of initiating and using the services of PPS for clinical research.

  1. Contact the Research Coordinators of Pulmonary Physiology Services to set up an appointment to discuss protocol to be followed for testing.

  2. Bring a copy of the section of the protocol, which addresses pulmonary functions to be measured to the meeting.

  3. A PPS Research Template (see below) will be completed.

    • A PPS identification code will be assigned for use in PPS.

    • Name of the Principal Investigator (PI) and name and extension and contact information of the Coordinator.

    • Number and type of patients (e.g. 15 asthmatics and 15 controls) and the schedule of tests to be ordered.

    • Protocol guidelines to be used by techs when testing the patient.

    • Charges by NJ number, description and full dollar amount from the NJ Chargemaster will be listed. The rate will be discounted by the hospital information system if appropriate.

    • Location where completed reports and/or raw data sheets to be sent.

    • A copy will be sent to the Principal Investigator and Research Coordinator for approval.

  4. It is extremely important that if any changes are made to the protocol the Research Coordinator in PPS is informed. This will ensure all technologists will be notified and carry out the changes.

  5. Notify the PPS Research Coordinator when the study is completed.

  6. A copy of all research being done in PPS is kept in the Research Coordinator’s Office and in the Pulmonary Physiology Services' Zeus file.

  7. It is critical that the PPS identification code is written on the PPS Request form and referred to when scheduling a patient by phone.

Any issues concerning the research are to be reported to the PPS Research Coordinator.