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Team Members

CRS team members have combined decades of experience conducting clinical trials. The CRS Medical Director provides Institutional leadership and clinical expertise that provides guidance for the practices and services we offer. All new clinical research coordinators are hired and trained by CRS. CRS is specifically composed of the following roles:

  • Clinical research coordinators with education and training execute all phases and types of clinical research
  • Research nurses provide clinical support and coordinate clinical research
  • Project Managers facilitate efficient start-up processes and provide operational support throughout life of study
  • Regulatory support helps with Federal, State, local and Sponsor requirements

CRS manages the financial, regulatory, and contracting requirements during start-up and throughout the life of a clinical trial.

Responsibilities of Project Manager

The Project Manager facilitates new study start-up processes and provides operational support during the study. They act as the liaison between the Sponsor/CRO, NJH Researchers, and Investigator. The role plays an important function and includes the following responsibilities:

  1. Conduct study feasibility
  2. Complete new study questionnaires
  3. Provide input and insights on potential study-related red flags that could jeopardize study implementation and execution at NJH
  4. Work to ensure all National Jewish Health study team members have what they need
  5. Create recruiting and retention plans
  6. Troubleshoot obstacles that arise and work with the Principal Investigator (PI), Sponsor and/or CRO, and members of NJH to find solutions
  7. Drive start-up processes to meet the 12-week start-up goal time