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Clinical trials conducted by CRS are operated under harmonized and standardized practices. We deliver a consistent approach in training and developing our workforce, and to implementing, conducting and managing clinical trials.


Uniform practices include the following:

  1. Operating under the same book of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): There are essential practices which are uniform across all clinical research. The CRS SOPs establish processes for those essential practices. 
  2. Starting new studies according to the same processes for obtaining Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, contract negotiation, budget negotiation, and regulatory document completion.
  3. Training and developing clinical research coordinators
  4. Entering and updating study, visit, and patient data in the Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) which allows for easy participant payment processing, participant tracking, reporting on clinical trial metrics
  5. Marketing clinical trials to potential participants
  6. Project Manager support during the start-up process
  7. Financial reporting and management of clinical research


Elements unique to some teams:

  1. Reporting structure
  2. Processes that are specialized to the research, i.e. pediatrics and assent