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Dual Source CT System

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Did you know the Siemens SOMATOM Definition dual source CT system...

  • can resolve details as tiny as 1/3 of a millimeter—or about the size of a grain of salt.
  • is operated with 4 million lines of software code.
  • is manufactured using 50,000 parts, carefully engineered and calibrated to work together to enable our hallmark low dose, high quality imaging.
  • contains 600 meters of cables and wires.
  • acquires 4,608 projections on each data acquisition unit—resulting in 23,272 clinical images per minute.
  • rotates with a force of 28 times the force of gravity, at a speed of 330 milliseconds per rotation.
  • comprises two X-ray tubes capturing cardiac data at 83 milli seconds—allowing for quality imaging at lowest possible dose.
  • is fast enough to scan high and irregular heart rates, up to 140 beats per minute. Most traditional scanners on the market cannot effectively scan patients with a heart rate over 75 beats per minute, hence requiring administration of beta blockers.
  • can characterize different types of kidney stones using Dual Energy protocols.
  • is the gold-standard for bariatric imaging—using a two X-ray tube system that combines 160kw of power.


Information courtesy of Siemens Healthcare.