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2018 Zucker Grant Recipients

Gina Clayton, PhD
The structure of TRPM2 in nanodiscs – a structural understanding of TRPM2 Channel

Elaine Epperson, PhD
Expanding the microbiome: toward integrated ecological analysis of bacteria, fungi, plants, and invertebrate metazoans

Fabienne Gally, PhD
Use of ChIP-loop to determine 3 dimensional chromatin architecture and enhancer interactions

Kara Mould, MD, MPH
Human Alveolar Macrophage Single-cell sequencing

Rebecca O’Brien, PhD
Investigating the role of a gamma/delta T cell subset in type 1 diabetes


2014 Zucker Grant Recipients

Gina M. Clayton, PhD
Structural studies of Class II restricted CD8+ T cells in HIV controllers

Rebecca M. Davidson, PhD
An improved microbiome sequencing method for detection of Mycobacterial pathogens

Rachel S. Friedman, PhD
Antigen receptor signaling in the islets of obese individuals

Jennifer Matsuda, PhD
Development and implementation of CRISPR/Cas technology to enable rapid and robust genetic engineering in vitro and in vivo


2011 Zucker Grant Recipients

Eveline Farias-Hesson, PhD
Whole genome sequencing of Mycrobacterium strains using high-throughput sequencing technologies

Claudia Jacubzick, PhD
The anti-tumor role of cross-presenting pulmonary dendritic cells

Elizabeth Redente, PhD
TNF-α, Macrophage Programming and MMP Production in the Resolution of Pulmonary Fibrosis


2008 Zucker Grant Recipients

Pia Hauk, MD
Prospective analysis of markers of airway inflammation and remodeling in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from children with asthma

Alison Heru, MD
Caregiver burden in relatives of a patient with COPD

Rebecca O'Brien, PhD
Pilot studies to investigate gamma/delta T cells in COPD

Nichole Reisdorph, PhD
Development of widely-applicable quantitative omics approach using front-end fractionation