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Natalie V. Zucker Grant and Research Center for Women Scholars

Natalie V. Zucker, PhD, generously set up a foundation to support academic research by women at National Jewish Health. The intent is to further the research careers of women who are basic and clinical scientists and whose work occurs primarily at National Jewish Health. Faculty and postdoctoral fellows are eligible. 

"For me this is a wonderful way to help women doing such fantastic research," said Dr. Zucker. "The goal is to advance women researchers at every level."

Zucker earned a psychology degree from the University of Minnesota. After college, as a clinical psychologist, she embarked on a Navy career and became an officer in the U.S. Navy WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) branch during World War II.

Natalie V. Zucker, PhD (source)

Dr. Zucker was also an innovative philanthropist and active community volunteer who created research centers for women scientists at two university medical centers, volunteered as a docent at the Laguna Art Museum and set up scholarship funds to reward gifted students and excellent teachers.


2021 Zucker Grant Recipients

Anne Brauweiler, PhD
Inhibition of the antiviral response by Staphyloccoccus aureus

Kelsey Haist, PhD
Cell type-specific roles of Nox2 in the normal progression and resolution of inflammatory responses

Katherine “Katie” Hisert, MD, PhD
Modulating macrophage-mediated inflammation in cystic fibrosis

Jennifer Honda, PhD
Aloha Kilauea: Exploring the Pulmonary Immune Responses to volcanic derived ash and Mycobacterium avium complex isolates

Jennifer Matsuda, PhD
Optimization of microinjection of 2-cell stage mouse embryos with CRISPR/Cas9 to allow for consistent, large insertion events

Lisa Meltzer, PhD, CBSM
Melatonin, Itch, Stress, and SLeep in Eczema (MISSLE): A Pilot/Feasibility Study

Mindy Miller, PhD
Influence of T cells on pulmonary iILC2 recruitment

Karina Serban, MD
Decay accelerating factor (CD55) is protective against cigarette smoke (CS) – induced lung epithelial cell injury

Elizabeth Devon Smith, PhD
The Cost of Invisible Work:  Exploring the Impact of Household Burden on Sleep


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Dr. Zucker visited National Jewish Health in 2007 to create the Natalie V. Zucker Grant and Research Center for Women Scholars and is pictured with some of our post-doctoral fellows and graduate students.