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2020 Outstanding Nurse of the Year: Clinical Practice

Jesse Gross, RN, OCNAwardee: Jesse Gross, RN, OCN

Jesse Gross currently works as the lead registered nurse in the Oncology Infusion Area although his leadership expands far beyond this capacity.

A colleague wrote, “Jesse is an incredible nurse with extensive knowledge of oncology and infusions, a resource to many and a point person to all. He is an expert in the accessing of ports, IVs and infusions. In addition to being the Lead Registered Nurse in Oncology Jesse precepts new employees and students, completes the blood transfusion competency with staff, is actively involved in the ongoing oncology committee and is currently involved in a Quality Improvement project for the non-oncology infusion areas.”

Another colleague wrote, “Jesse is a clear leader among nurses in clinical practice and continues to make a positive impact on patient care throughout National Jewish Health.”


2020 Outstanding Nurse of the Year: Clinical Practice

Awardee: Marie Kamm, RN, BSN

Marie Kamm, RN, BSNMarie Kamm currently works as the ALS nurse clinic coordinator. Marie has utilized her expertise in pulmonary medicine specializing in ALS patient care, critical care, hospice and post anesthesia care to work with a multi-disciplinary team to develop the ALS and Chronic Respiratory Failure Clinic at National Jewish Health.

A colleague wrote, “Marie truly exemplifies what it is to be an advocate for patients and goes above and beyond in the care she provides. She is unassuming in the education and care she gives patients and treats each one with respect and kindness. Her compassion and drive to assist patients and families have a better quality of life is evident in her interactions with patients. She receives multiple compliments and notes of appreciation from patients as she helps them navigate through their disease process. She is well loved and respected by her clinical teams for not only her knowledge and care of patients but for her mentoring and leadership within the team. She epitomizes the nursing practice every day with her clinical expertise, professionalism and advocacy for patients to ensure the most positive experience.”


Other nominees for Clinical Practice Nurse:

ACU Nursing Team
Melonie Arthur
Yolanda Beaudoin
Kelly Buller
Shelley English
Tracie Gallegos
Jesse Gross
Heather Howison
Sandra Joseph
Marie Kamm
Robin Lingg LaGrone
Becky McCarty
Joshua McFerrin
Gabriele Nanlohy

Jane Rice
Jayde Roberson
Kathy Ruffert
Stefanie Smetana
Cristine Solomon
Ana Marie Stefan
Barbara Strain
Audra Swies-Gladysh
Denise Taylor
Sandra Ulrich
Amy Wells
Suzanne Williams
Deborah Wolf



2020 Outstanding Nurse of the Year: Administrator, Educator, Researcher or Non-Traditional Practice Nurse

Awardee: Sara Brayshaw, RN, BSN, MSN

Sara Brayshaw, RN, BSN, MSNSara Brayshaw is the nurse manager for the Adult Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Program. The adult program began in 1999. There were less than 50 patients. There are now almost 600 patients. Sara leads a multidisciplinary team which strives to be a collaborative group who aims to improve the lives of those living with cystic fibrosis through clinical care, education and research.

Sara leads a bi-yearly CF patient online education night and a bi-yearly CF newsletter for patients. She runs the Adult CF Facebook page. Holiday gift bags with high calorie/protein snacks and information on nutrition are a result of one Quality Improvement project related to body mass index. Related to care coordination and frequency of patient visits Sara runs a multidisciplinary weekly pre-clinic meeting with multiple organizations. Sara coordinates a CF Education Expo day four times a year to train new inpatient staff at St. Joe’s who care for the CF patients when they are hospitalized.

One patient wrote, “She is the best, always willing to lend an ear, help in whatever way she can, lend a smile when things get crazy! She is a very skilled nurse and her knowledge is unmatched!


Other nominees for Administrator, Educator, Researcher or Non-Traditional Practice Nurse:

Sara Brayshaw
Cathy Chacon
Rachel DeCosta
Deborah Fending
Gwen Gennaro
Megan Knecht
Katie Lattimore

Jackie McDowell
Ann Mullen
Jana Pehrson
Vera Pilletteri
Katie Rosen
Amy Schouten
Joy Wahl


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