BeLPT Testing Process

Blood Collected Locally

Some workplaces have medical facilities on-site where blood can be collected, packed with the appropriate documentation, and shipped directly to National Jewish Health Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories.

Other workplaces utilize a third-party company to draw, pack and ship the blood samples.

Each BeLPT test requires 30 mL of blood drawn in tubes with sodium heparin additive (green top tubes).

Collection and Shipping Instructions


Shipped to National Jewish Health

Samples must arrive within 24-30 hours of the time they were drawn, and are shipped at ambient temperature.  Do not refrigerate or freeze samples.

Multiple samples may be shipped in the same IATA compliant shipping container – however, each specimen must be packaged or bagged individually with the appropriate documentation included in the individual package/bag. 

BeLPT Shipping Instructions


Blood Cells are Tested to See if They React to Beryllium

White blood cells (immune cells) are separated from the red blood cells using a multi-step process. It takes up to 14 days to complete the process, as cells need time to grow before they are analyzed. Cells that grow rapidly during the process are “allergic” or sensitized to beryllium.


Test Results and Clinical Interpretation within 14 days

Test results and a clinical interpretation of the results will be sent to the ordering physician within 14 days of receipt of the blood specimen. 


Test Results Other than Normal Require Timely Action

NORMAL normal response to beryllium sulfate

Most common result. No further action needed until next round of beryllium medical surveillance.

ABNORMAL abnormal response to beryllium sulfate
BORDERLINE borderline response to beryllium sulfate
UNINTERPRETABLE uninterpretable response to beryllium sulfate

Action needed -- generally a repeat test within 30 days.