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Overnight Sleep Study for Children

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What is an overnight sleep study?

An overnight sleep study looks at the quality of your child’s sleep, in particular if he/she has difficulty breathing during sleep or moves a lot during sleep. This information helps the team determine the right diagnosis and best treatment for your child’s sleep issues.


What to expect during your child’s sleep study:

  • Your child’s sleep study may be run in our pediatric room within the pediatric department or in our main sleep lab depending on our patient schedule and staffing.

  • One parent or caregiver must accompany all children under the age of 18 years and must stay overnight with the child. The technologist team will need a parent/guardian to provide assistance if needed, both when setting the child up for the study and during the night. Thus it is critical for the adult to be in the room with the child. Please make accommodations for any other family members to stay at home.

  • Your sleep technologist will apply sensors to the skin on your child’s head, chin, chest, and legs using tape and paste.

  • A mild cleanser is used to clean the skin before sensor application: this is a painless process.

  • It will take 30 to 60 minutes to set your child up for their study. During this time, he/she will need to be sitting up in a chair. If needed, please bring a video or game to keep your child distracted and still during this process.

  • Your technologist will provide an overview on what to expect during your child’s sleep study, at the start of the evening.

  • At any point during the preparation process, you will be able to ask questions and receive clarification.

  • Each room has a video camera and a speaker which allows your technologist to monitor your child’s sleep behaviors and maintain audio contact from the monitoring area throughout the night.


What should I bring for my child’s stay in the sleep lab?

  • To help your child feel comfortable, you may bring a favorite pillow, blanket or stuffed toy.

  • Your child should wear comfortable pajamas or a comfortable tee shirt and shorts to sleep in. Please, no one-piece “footie” or jumpsuit-style pajamas, as this prevents us from properly placing sensors.

  • Please eat dinner before you arrive at 7:00 pm and please avoid caffeine. Please bring snacks and drinks if desired or any special food needed. Other than vending machines, there will be no food or drinks available in the sleep lab or in the hospital during the night.

  • If your child takes daily medications, please remember to bring them as your technologist will not be able to provide or give your child medications. Only the parent/caregiver will be allowed to give the medications to the child that is being tested.


What time should you arrive for your sleep study at the lab?

Please arrive for your child’s sleep study at 7:00 pm in the main lobby of National Jewish. This allows time for paper work and to get your child set up for the study.


What time does a sleep study end?

The overnight sleep study ends at 6:00 am the next morning, allowing you time to get to work/school. Please complete your paperwork and gather your belongings by 6:45 am – 6:55 am.


If you have questions, please contact us.

National Jewish Health Sleep Center
Phone: 303.270.2708
Fax: 303.270.2109