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BBT-877: Possible Treatment for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

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Trial Objectives

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) currently affects millions of people globally, and current treatments such as pirfenidone or nintedanib are often poorly tolerated in some patients due to frequently associated side effects. Researchers want to know if an investigational medication called BBT-877, either alone or in conjunction with other therapies, may help slow lung function decline.

In this study, participants 40 and older with IPF will receive either BBT-877 or the placebo that does not contain any medication twice a day.

Who Can Participate

Adults aged 40 and older with a documented IPF diagnosis, who are not current smokers and do not have a history of conditions that increase risk (prior lung transplant, pulmonary hypertension, immunosuppressive condition or congestive heart failure). Participants must not be taking background antifibrotic medication, or they must have been on an antifibrotic (nintedanib or pirfenidone) for at least three months.

Age: 40+ Gender: Any

Estimated Time Commitment

Six clinic visits over up to 34 weeks

Payment & Reimbursement

Payment: Provided

Travel Reimbursement: Available

Trial Contact

For more information, contact:

Elizabeth Del Real

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Trial Location

National Jewish Main Campus, Denver, CO

Trial Sponsors

Bridge Biotherapeutics, Inc

Principal Investigators

Jeff Swigris

Jeff Swigris, DO, MS

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