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Integrated Bioinformation & Specimen Center

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Researcher working in the Integrated Bioinformation and Specimen Center The National Jewish Health Integrated Bioinformation and Specimen Center represents an ongoing, institutionally-sponsored effort to collect and store the data, tissue, fluids and DNA on thousands of our patients who have generously agreed to participate in this program.

Leveraging the clinical phenotyping by our physicians, our internally developed research database, a pathology image database and our biorepository, we can offer our investigators and partners highly characterized information and corresponding samples for research in the full gamut of respiratory and immunologic disease. This unique resource aids in the discovery of genetic tests and biomarkers that are useful in predicting who may get a disease, the likely course of the disease and how it may be most effectively treated.


Research Database

Research Informatics and Computing Core developed and maintains the Research Database, which provides access to data on over 130,000 patients and research subjects in a single, searchable repository.  Its phenotypic data includes allergy history, demographics, diagnoses, medications, lab tests, imaging reports, and vital signs/findings. These data are further integrated with clinical research databases and the institutional biorepository data.



National Jewish Health affiliated faculty can use the Research Database to find clinical data linked to biorepository samples to aid in the initial formulation of a research study. Following Honest Broker or IRB protocol approval and a simple application to the Biobank, detailed clinical data and the corresponding biologic samples can be made available to the approved investigator and collaborators according to guidelines.


Currently archived biologic materials include:


  • Serum 400µl or 800µl
  • Plasma - EDTA 400µl or 800µl
  • Plasma - Heparin 400µl or 800µl
  • Buffy coat - EDTA 100µl
  • Buffy coat - Heparin 100µl
  • BAL - Supernatant 1.8 ml


  • Serum 400µl or 800µl  
  • Plasma - EDTA 400µl or 800µl  
  • Plasma - Heparin 400µl or 800µl  
  • Buffy coat - EDTA 100µl 
  • Buffy coat - Heparin 100µl 
  • BAL-cells 1.8 ml
  • RBCs - EDTA 1 ml
  • Blood/DMSO 1 ml
  • Lung tissue - Fresh Frozen (0.5-1 cm3) 


  • DNA, formalin-fixed tissue



Steve D. Groshong, MD
Principal Investigator

John Yang
Research Coordinator
NJH Internal Resource: Get Access to Biobank Samples