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Donate Your Colorado Tax Refund

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A New Way to Support National Jewish Health

This year, Colorado taxpayers can choose to support National Jewish Health with a designation on their state income tax return.


How to Donate Your Refund:

  • Colorado tax refund textInclude the 2019 Voluntary Contribution Schedule (DR0104CH) while you are preparing your state tax return or using tax software – or give this information to your tax preparer to complete.

  • Fill out line 19 “Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund” with your tax deductible donation amount, our name and registration number 20023003161.

  • After July 1, the State of Colorado will send National Jewish Health a check for all donations received thru the Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Refund. 

You can donate all or part of your refund. Thanks for your support!
Note: Coloradans who choose this method of donating will not automatically receive a tax receipt or acknowledgement from National Jewish Health as state income tax filing information is confidential. Instead, if you would like a full receipt, please send a copy of your 2019 Voluntary Contribution Schedule with your SSN blacked out - along with your name and address to