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Congratulations on being selected for an interview at the University of Colorado/National Jewish Sleep Medicine Program! We are excited to meet you and introduce you to our program. For our Virtual Interview Day, this website will be a special supplemental resource for more detailed information about our program.

Top Reasons to Choose our Program


Important Documents

University of Colorado Stipends
University of Colorado Program Training Agreement
National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) requirements
COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements and Compliance
GME Eligibility and Selection Policy
GME Work Environment Policy
Prospective Resident Benefits Summary
Diversity Matters
Program Aims and Objective 
Eligibility for Specialty Board Exam Information
Employment Background Checks
Drug Screening Policy


Informational Videos About Our Program

Below you will find a couple videos that will give you just a glimpse of what our program and our city have to offer you.

Fellowship Training at the University of Colorado School of Medicine
Sleep Medicine Program Faculty Introductions
Sleep Medicine Program Current Fellow Introductions
Sleep Medicine Program Graduate Testimonials

National Jewish Health





Anschutz Medical Campus Virtual Tour
This is Breakthrough 1


CHCO Denver: Reimagined. Realized


Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center

Denver and Colorado

Welcome to Denver
Best Places to Visit in Colorado
Let’s Go, CO


Virtual Interview & Zoom Resources

How to Download Zoom on Windows or a Mac
Zoom Video Tutorials
Breakout Room Tutorial
Frequently Asked Questions on Zoom
Troubleshooting Tips – Video Isn’t Working
Troubleshooting Tips – Audio Isn’t Working

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the information provided here or your interview day.
 Chelsie Casias
Program Coordinator, Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program   
Sheila Tsai, MD
Program Director, Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program


Current and Former Sleep Medicine Fellows

University of Colorado Sleep Medicine Fellowship Fellows:
2020-21                     Sarah Rizvi, M.D.
2020-21                     Jessica Camacho, M.D.
2019-20                     Aaron Dunham, M.D.
2019-20                     Courtney Minor, M.D.
2018-19                     Kyana Morton-McCarthy, M.D.
2018-19                     Jose Torres-Garcia, M.D.
2017-18                     Mohan Dutt, M.D.
2017-18                     Pinar Polat, M.D.
2016-17                     April Shepherd, M.D.
2016-17                     Jonathan Hintze, M.D.
2015-16                     Walter Conwell, M.D.
2015-16                     Benjamin Hughes, M.D.
2014-15                     David Ingram, M.D.
2014-15                     Dionne Morgan, M.D.
2013-14                     Michelle Caraballo, M.D.
2013-14                     Kelly Newton, D.O.
2012-13                     Gilbert Seda, M.D.
2012-13                     Stephen Hawkins, M.D.
2011-12                     Robert Bercovitch, M.D.
2011-12                     Keisha Shaheed, D.O.
2010-11                     Casey Burg, M.D.
2010-11                     Manju Pillai, M.D.
2009-10                     Naveen Kanathur, M.D.
2008-09                     Gregory Matwiyoff, M.D.
2008-09                     Eric Huang, M.D.