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Outstanding Nurse of the Year

Awardee: Denise Taylor, RN

Denise currently works as a nurse on the Adult Day Unit, although she also covers other areas including in the Infectious Disease Clinic and Discharge Planning. She teaches classes in the Patient Education Program. She is seen as a resource by the health care team working in these areas. As one colleague wrote, “Denise is very knowledgeable about the tasks and what the providers need. I am new at National Jewish and she was fortunately one of the nurses that oriented me. She helped me understand the inner workings of NJH and what my role will be. Denise takes charge and when she sees a learning opportunity for new employees, or even old ones, she takes the opportunity to speak up. She is not afraid to do more work for the providers than what they request. She makes sure the patients understand their treatment plans and their diagnosis. If a patient needs something Denise will be right there lending a hand.”


Other nominees for Nurse of the Year:

Sara Brayshaw
Caroline Bronchick
Kelly Buller
Cathy Chacon
Katie Harris
MJ Johnson
Becky McCarty

Amity Paul
Beth Roscrow
Audra Swies Gladysh
Maryanne Kaessner
Kaci Chacon
Ann Hefel


Outstanding Patient Care Associate of the Year

Awardee: Cari Pfohl, MA III

Cari Pfohl is a Patient Care Assistant is the cardiology clinic. Very seldom have I some across an individual who adds so much value to a clinical division. As one colleague wrote, “Not only does Cari run our daily operations in clinic as our MA-3, she is invaluable in developing innovative solutions to difficult problems. She has single-handedly revamped our work up process, managed staff schedules, and simply is the “secret sauce” that makes our clinic run like a well-oiled machine. She has managed to energize and inspire the entire cardiology clinic to work together as on cohesive team. She constantly works to grow the junior staff while making her nursing colleagues empowered to do more, faster, and more efficiently. With Cari’s grasp of daily operations and logistics, she enables all of the doctors, nurses and allied staff to get their jobs done more efficiently.”


Other nominees for Patient Care of the Year Award:

Zeljka Bjelanovic
Naomi Birdsong
Imelda Cervantes
Lauren Foster
Sonia Guzman
Amber Jandreau

Jerry Jennings
Jeanann Jones
Terri Sweetwine
Shelly Wallace
Juanita Willoughby


Colorado Nightingale Award Nominees:

  • Denise Taylor, RN, Adult Care Unit
  • Sue Walsh, RN, Clinical House Supervisor and Manager of Internal and External Pool
  • Ann Mullen, RN, MSN, CNS, AE-C, Patient Education Coordinator