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In the early stages of lymphangioleiomyomatosis, or LAM, you usually can do your normal daily activities. These may include attending school, going to work, and doing common physical activities such as walking up stairs. In the later stages of LAM, it may be harder for you to be active. You also may need oxygen therapy full time.

Take good care of your health. Follow a healthy eating plan, get as much physical activity as you can, and get plenty of rest. If you smoke, try to quit. Talk to your doctor about programs and products that can help you quit smoking. Take steps to care for your lungs. Get a flu shot every year and a pneumonia shot every 5 years.

You also should check with your doctor before traveling by air or traveling to areas where medical attention isn't readily available. Also, talk to your doctor before traveling to places where the amount of oxygen in the air is low.


Pregnancy and Birth Control

If your lung function is normal, pregnancy may be an option. However, hormones during pregnancy might worsen your LAM. Therefore, you should discuss a possible pregnancy with both a pulmonologist who specializes in LAM and your obstetrician. Most doctors don't recommend birth control pills containing estrogen to women who have LAM. Talk to your doctor about birth control options.


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