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This information was reviewed and approved by Andrew M. Freeman, MD, FACC, FACP (12/1/2012).

Rheumatic fever was the single biggest cause of valve disease before widespread availability of good antibiotics.

Most valvular disease in the United States at the current time is due to:

  • Myxomatous degeneration: Age-related degeneration - It happens most often in elderly patients and commonly affects the mitral valve.

  • Calcific degeneration: A buildup of calcium on the aortic or mitral valves due to age or other reasons causes thickened valves which prevents them from closing well.

  • Congenital (genetic) disease: Irregularly-shaped valves that people are born with.

  • Weight loss medicines such as fen-phen and Redux: These can accelerate valvular damage.

  • Endocarditis: An infection in the lining of the heart's walls and valves. Sometimes infections can destroy the valves.

  • Coronary artery disease: This can cause functional limitations in the parts of the heart muscle which support the heart valves.

  • Hypertension: Can lead to degeneration (wear and tear injuries).

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