Watch and learn how to use a Neohaler, a device that delivers medication to your lungs when you inhale from a mouthpiece.



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The Neohaler is a breath-activated device, which means that the medication is released when you inhale.

To use the Neohaler, pull off the mouthpiece cover. Hold the base of the Neohaler and tilt the mouthpiece to open the inhaler. Remove the medication capsule from the foil packet by peeling the paper backing and then pushing the capsule through the remaining foil. Do not remove the capsule from the foil packet until you’re ready to take the medication.

Place the capsule in the base of the Neohaler. Close the mouthpiece. You will hear a click when the mouthpiece is closed. Hold the Neohaler straight up, squeeze the 2 side buttons, and let go. This will puncture the capsule. Once the capsule is punctured, you will need to keep the Neohaler steady. Do not shake it, cough, or breathe into it or you will lose some of the medication.

To take your medication, turn away from the mouthpiece and breathe out. Tilting your head back slightly, carefully bring the Neohaler to your mouth. Be sure the buttons are on the sides, not on the top and bottom. Seal your lips tightly around the mouthpiece and breathe in rapidly and deeply; you will hear the capsule whirling inside the Neohaler as you inhale. Remove the Neohaler from your mouth and hold your breath for as long as you can, up to 10 seconds. Let’s see what that should look like. So we already put the medication in and squeezed the 2 sidebars, so I’m ready to inhale. Empty my lungs.

Now I’m going to check to see if I got all the medication so I’m going to look at the capsule and it looks empty. If it didn’t, if there’s powder in there, I would just inhale again.

So once you’re done, empty that capsule into the trash and put the cap cover back on to keep it clean. If you don’t hear the whirling sound as you inhale, the capsule might be stuck. Simply tap the side of the Neohaler to try and loosen the capsule and inhale again. To be sure you’ve inhaled all the medication, don’t forget to open the mouthpiece, look at the capsule. If you see powder in the capsule, be sure to inhale again. When done, open the mouthpiece, drop that capsule into the trash, clean the mouthpiece with a cloth at least once a week. Always put the cover back on after use though to keep it clean.


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