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This information was reviewed and approved by Deborah A. Fending, RN (4/1/2019).

Enjoy relaxing and spending time together. 

Just being physically close to your partner often results in loving feelings and bringing you more intimacy. This can range from hand holding, hugging, touching and caressing. These expressions of caring can sometimes even be more meaningful than sexual intercourse itself.


Closeness Through Struggle

Many couples are surprised to find they have a closer relationship because of the chronic lung disease. They communicate more, and they may feel a sense of warmth and security from increased dependency on a partner.


Enjoyment Goes On

Importance of Being TogetherHaving a chronic lung disease does not mean your sex life or the closeness and enjoyment that it brings must come to an end. It may just require some changes and adjustments. Talking with your partner about your chronic lung disease and the way you express your sexuality is very important.

Remember that your chronic lung disease does not need to stand in the way of your being sexual. Feel free to talk with your doctor or nurse about any sexual concerns you or your partner may have.

If they are not able to help you, they may be able to refer you to health professionals who help people with similar concerns.