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The diagnosis of allergy begins with careful questioning to compile a personal and family history. Your history is a very important first step in treating your allergic condition. These are some of the questions that your doctor may ask you during this process:

  • What symptoms are you experiencing?

  • Do your symptoms appear and/or worsen when you are at a particular location, during a given season of the year or at a specific time of day?

  • How long have you experienced your symptoms?

  • What kind of work do you do? What sort of things are you exposed to at work?

  • Are there pets in your home?

  • What are your hobbies?

  • Do any other family members have an allergic condition?

You may want to think about your answers to these questions beforehand so that you can give the most complete and accurate information to your doctor. These questions may help to reduce the list of suspected allergens and tests needed to evaluate your condition.

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