Allergic Rhinitis: Diagnosis

Reviewed by Ann Hefel, RN

Often a person has more than one type of rhinitis at the same time. In making the diagnosis, the evaluation by your doctor may include:

  • History: The doctor will ask questions about your health and your symptoms.

  • Physical exam

  • Nasal smears: Nasal secretions are examined under a microscope

  • Allergy skin testing: Skin testing by a board-certified allergist is often recommended for someone with recurrent symptoms. A positive skin test often is seen with allergies. In most cases, an allergic person will react to more than one substance. Your doctor will compare your prick skin test results with your history of symptoms.

  • Sinus CT scan: Changes in the sinus CT scan may indicate sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses) with or without sinus infection or nasal polyps.


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