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National Jewish Health Research Advisory Committee Charter

National Jewish Health Research Advisory Committee Charter


  • The committee charge is to develop action plans to better centralize research operations, improve research resource efficiency, improve research communication, and expand research funding opportunities.


  • The committee will improve research operations, decrease research cost share, expand research funding and funding opportunities, improve research communication among departments and extramural research partners, and increase NJH research recognition at the local, national, and international level.


  • Execute new directives from the Office of Research Innovation
  • Oversee onboarding of new research faculty
  • Oversee research cores utilization and efficiency
  • Oversee research core equipment grant applications
  • Participate in new research faculty recruitments
  • Participate in research branding and website development
  • Participate in development activities
  • Participate in Office of Tech Transfer activities

Current Members

  • James Bridges, PhD
  • Richard Reinhardt, PhD
  • Matthew Rosenbaum, DVM
  • Rebecca Keith, MD
  • Evans Fernandez Perez, MD
  • Olena Goleva, MD
  • Jennifer Matsuda, PhD
  • Max Siebold, PhD
  • Stephan Humphries, PhD
  • Rafeul Alam, MD PhD
  • James Scott-Browne, PhD
  • Jennifer Taylor-Cousar, MD